The Swiss Army knife from the massage pistols.

Percussive Therapy

Why do I need to use this ?

  • You have a muscle pain
  • You physically strain your body on a daily basis
  • You do not have time to exercice
  • You want to feel good about yourself
  • SPEEDS: 5 / (1200, 1600, 2200, 2800 3200)rpm
  • BATTERY: LG 3400 mAh (1,5~5,5 hours)  
  • POWER: Max. 160W
  • AMPLITUDE: 11mm
  • INTELLIGENT MODE: 10 min start timing
  • INTERFACE: A unique button


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“Our lives are full of physical, mental and biochemical stresses, that is why our neuromuscular system needs excellent care, such as optimal spinal adjustements, great muscle relaxation in order to enhance blood and nervous supply to stay fit and healthy. Recovered is a complete product, which offers a broad panel of options to release the light and heavy tensions of our daily life. I trust that everyone can benefit from this simple however very efficient tool, and I for one find it specific for my personal needs as a full time chiropractor. What is your specific need ? The team of Recovered will guide you through your recovery to full potential.”

Magalie LefĂšvre

Doctor of Chiropractic


Helps relieve muscle soreness and stiffness

Accelerates warmup and recovery

Improves range of motion

Promotes circulation

Each head has a purpose

Recovered supports you during the use of your product.

Find out now how to use each massage head effectively.

Madeleine Nilsson

Triple jump athlete

“For me as an athlete, recovery is just as important as training. I’ve tried pretty much every recovery method and this massage gun is a game changer. I use it to loosen up my muscles both before and after working out and it’s especially useful when I feel sore after some heavy training. I mainly use the massage gun on my IT bands, calves and under my feet and I like that I can choose between different intensity levels depending on my needs that day. Other things that I like about it is that is light, quiet and that the battery lasts for hours. The massage gun has really become a part of my daily routine.”

Alain-Hervé Mfomkpa


“I use Recovered during my daily life, before and after my training. I find it ideal for my muscle stimulation and in my warm-up phase. I use it mainly on my quadriceps and hamstrings. It allows me to activate and tone my muscles before a considerable effort.
In my case, I find it especially more appropriate after my training, during my recovery. I can massage the muscles I have used most during my session and be fresh when I am finished. Being considered a sprinter, I apply a load that can be very heavy on my legs. Such a product is therefore perfect for my recovery, to avoid any risk of injury.”

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